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Dongguan Mingyi Mold Parts Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Mingyi Mold Parts Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Mingyi Mold Parts Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of press die mold parts , plastic mold parts and machine parts. We supply all kinds of mold parts with international standard, such as ISO, JIS( Japan), DIN(German), AISI(America),ETC.MISUMI,DAYTON,HASCO,FIBRO, LANE,DME,MDL,RABOURDIN,MEUSBURGER,At the same time, we can supply international famous brand standard like: MISUMI,DAYTON,HASCO,FIBRO, LANE,DME,MDL,RABOURDIN,MEUSBURGER, etc.

Since 2005, the year our factory establishment, we regard product quality as the driving force for the company's development, accumulating abundant experience in mold parts manufacturing, technology, marketing and service. And we gain a lot of recognition and support in this industry. During development, we make full use of our own manufacturing resources, to customize some special request for individuation, diversification, one-piece, urgent, etc. So, we set up the corporate image as "good quality, service-wide, accurate delivery" of the corporate image.

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  • Name: Michelle Huang
  • Department: Sales Department
  • Position: Sales Manager
  • E-Mail: sales@dgcarbide.com
  • Mobile phone: +86 13751260778
  • Skype: Michelle.huang1990@hotmail.com
  • WhatsApp: +86 13751260778
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  • TEL: +86 769 22186767
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